8/11/21 - Dirty Dancing at Waterline Square Park, W60th St near 11th Ave.
HI all

We will be going to see a free movie, Dirty Dancing, on the lawn in the Waterline Square Park, a new addition to the UWS, just across from the Con Ed powerstation and near the Hudson River. See below for exact location!

Also, before and during the concert, people can bring dinner and eat together. I hope to see you for the event!

I will bring some light snacks for all, but please bring dinner if you want substantive food. We are meeting at 7pm if you want to come early and relax and eat your own dinner, 7:30 for the concert itself. Please bring a sheet or chair to sit on for the movie.

Here is some info on this new park, a "hidden gem of the UWS"


Here are some more park details and pix


Hope to see you at the event! See below for all of the specifics!


RAIN IN THE FORECAST WILL CANCEL THE EVENT. I will send a note out on Sunday to those coming with a weather update. The concert has no rain date, however, and is the last one of the season.

EVENT DATE: Wednesday, August 11, 2021

TIME: 7:00 PM for if you want to come and bring along your own dinner and hang out with us to help save the space, 8:00 PM for the Movie. The movie is 105 minutes, so you should be finished before 10pm


Waterline Square Park, situated in the center of the three-building Waterline Square complex at Freedom Place South between West 59th Street and West 61st Streets. In the middle of the park is a lawn. Best way to get there is to walk down west 60th street from 11th Avenue towards the Hudson River. You will then pass the new street known as Freedom Place South and thats where the park starts. We will be on the lawn, towards the back away from the screen.

Arrive early, find a spot, bring a picnic! Bring your own blankets/chair as this may be a paved area vs a grassy area.

Here is a google map link to the location


COST: Free! I will also have some snacks on hand, but bring your own dinner!


Dinner, a blanket or chair, drinks,

I will be supplying some snacks, but bring dinner if you want to have some 'real food'.



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