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Special Programming: The Art of Storytelling w/ Jesse Bryd
Entrepreneur and storyteller, Jesse Byrd, walks youth through the creative and publishing process of illustrative books. Will include guest speakers (diverse artists from the community - authors, musicians, digital artists, apparel makers, podcasters, etc) SIGN-UP ONLY
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NOTICE: These 8 Workshops take place EVERY Tuesday 6:00 pm to 7pm from April 30 through June 11 at REACH Mediacenter
Jesse Byrd!
To qualify, participants must:
• Be active REACH members,
• Be aged 15 -24,
• Must have taken no less than 8 hours of Digital Arts or Visual Art Classes, (Classes are generally 1.5 hours, and this includes any past Independent Study Time.) Or (especially if you're new to REACH) show us any sketches, digital art, or paintings that show your commitment to creating.
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