YEP Executive Committee Application for 2019-2020
Applications due by Thursday, April 4, 2019

Thanks for your interest in the YEP executive committee. The executive committee shall be comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, Grants Chair, Secretary, Outreach Chair, and Donor Relations & Fundraising Chair. Elections for executive committee members are held at the April allocation meeting. Any member who has been involved in YEP for at least one year is eligible to run for an executive committee position. Current executive committee members are eligible for re-election. Interested members should fill out an executive committee application prior to elections. If any positions have no applicants for election, members may nominate an individual to run for that empty position.

All positions serve a one-year term from August to May. Executive committee members will meet for one meeting planning session per month and should allocate at least 4 hours per month for YEP leadership.

Executive Committee Job Descriptions:
• Chair all YEP committee meetings and executive committee meetings when necessary
• Work closely with other Executive Committee members and Foundation staff
• Communicate with Foundation staff and YEP advisors to set meeting agendas
• Attend Foundation Board meetings when possible as a non-voting member
• Deliver an annual report to the Board
• Take lead on YEP speaking opportunities in the community

• Work closely with other executive committee members and Foundation staff
• Run meetings in the absence of the YEP committee chair
• Assist the Chair in fulfilling her/his duties
• Assist YEP Exec Committee Grants and Outreach Chairs when applicable
• Work with Outreach Chair to coordinate outreach activities and projects
• Work with Secretary to communicate with YEP members about ongoing activities

• Coordinate the taking of minutes at committee meetings
• Take attendance at committee and executive committee meetings
• Work with Foundation staff to ensure that minutes and agendas are received by all YEP members
• Work with Vice Chair to communicate with YEP members about ongoing activities
• Coordinate t-shirt distribution
• Assist with coordination of refreshments and catering at YEP meetings
• Assist with completion and distribution of thank you notes when necessary to speakers

Grants Chair
• Facilitate the announcement and distribution of grant availability, guidelines, and applications
• Communicate with potential grantees
• Facilitate grant presentations by applicants
• Facilitate site visits if necessary
• Facilitate grant determination meetings
• Facilitate grant allocation celebration event
• Facilitate and take notes at proactive grant meetings
• Work with Foundation leadership on proactive grant meetings and communication

Outreach Chair
• Helps coordinate YEP Outreach Events and communication to YEP members and organizations.
• Helps coordinate team building activities and events at monthly meetings
• Assist with YEP Alumni Updates when applicable
• Assists YEP advisors in planning of social events and gatherings
• Work with YEP advisors to market and communicate outreach efforts of YEP in local high schools.

Donor Relations & Fundraising Chair
• Work with Foundation staff and advisors to identify potential YEP donors
• Coordinate donor “asks” for support and funding
• Put together a team of YEP members to go and make donor asks
• Coordinate Give DeKalb County strategy, goal, and efforts
• Assist with the $100 Challenge
• Assist with completion and distribution of thank you notes when necessary

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The YEP executive committee will require an additional time commitment each month to prepare for monthly meetings and do some YEP administration. Are you willing to dedicate an average of 4 hours per month to YEP? *
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Short Speech - You'll use this speech during the April allocation meeting. Be prepared!
Write a short speech* that answers the following questions:
• Introduce yourself
• Provide a brief biography, what school are you from, when will you graduate, what other activities are you involved in?
• How has YEP impacted your life?
• What leadership skills to do you have and why are they important?
• How have your leadership skills been enhanced by YEP?
• Why should your peers vote for you?
• Why did you choose to run for the particular executive committee position? (Read and reference the executive committee job descriptions above)
Short Speech (best to write it below so we can print a copy for you should you need it)
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Note on Campaigning:
To keep the Executive Committee election process as fair as possible, we ask ALL candidates to refrain from campaigning (passing out candy, flyers, small puppies, etc.) Let's keep it fair! :)
You're application is finished! Nice work. Next up, be ready to give your brief speech during the allocation meeting in April. After the speeches, it's election time. If you have any questions, please contact YEP Staff Advisor Noah Nordbrock at 815-748-5383 or
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