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We will be flying to Washington D.C. from Minneapolis St Paul airport, and returning via plane as well.

It is important that you provide your name as it appears on your legal identification as this is the information used for booking your plane ticket.

Payment of $424 plane ticket fee can be made via check or credit/debit card (contact hakala.kyle@gmail.com to coordinate payment via credit/debit card).

See http://minndakkeyclub.org/icon for full payment info. All attendees must pay $424 by March 28th to reserve their seat on the plane *and* an additional $634 (for students; adults will pay higher cost) for the hotels, convention, tour, etc. by May 1, 2019. Contact Kyle Hakala at hakala.kyle@gmail.com for concerns regarding payment deadlines.

Plane tickets will not be reserved until the plane ticket deposit is received via credit/debit card to the email above, or via check at the following address:

Mary Beth Townsend
1756 Wellesley Avenue
St. Paul MN 55105

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