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Please fill out this Prequalification form as best as possible. Missing information may delay our decision in your prequalification application. This is NOT a final application for our program. We reserve the right to accept or deny your submission at our discretion. Our program is designed to offset processing fees completely, but this program may not be a right fit for your business. If you meet our criteria we will contact you immediately to complete the final application. WE look forward to eliminating all your processing fees. **We respect your privacy and will not sell or share your information to any third parties that is irrelevant to our merchant services.
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We are not currently accepting businesses with no processing history. If you have no processing history we suggest returning when you have at least 3 months of processing history.
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To qualify for our Cash Discount program you must do more than $5,000 in monthly processing volume.
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How much do you pay on average per month to process credit cards?
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Would you like to eliminate ALL or SOME of your fees?
Are you ok with passing the fees thru to the consumer?
Our Zero Fee Processing program is designed to help your business offset fees by passing thru the processing fees. Each credit/debit transaction will incur a "Non-Cash Discount" fee to help collect the processing charges.
How soon are you looking to eliminate your processing fees?
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