Classical French
1.What opening is this called, what does black do next?
2.What should black do here?
3.Where does black put pressure and how?
4.When do you capture the pawn on d4?
5.What is the plan for black now?
6.When do we capture the knight on d4?
7.How do we attack/get rid of our bad bishop on c8?
8.What is the plan for black now?
9.What's the plan if white plays Ne2?
10.What do we do if white tries to castle kingside?
11.What should black do here?
12.Should black win the pawn? What is black's plan, what is this similar to?
13.What is the best way for black to defend here?
14.What's the next move here?(What do we have to watch out for)
15.What should black do here?
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