The Si 2018 Student Survey*
Wartburg College would like to help all student be change makers in their communities. In order to do so, we are considering a number of steps. We need your feedback in order to serve you well. This survey only has 8 questions and will take you less than 5 minutes.

Thank you for participating in our survey about understanding our current landscape on Social Impact at Wartburg College. (For better understanding of the term Social Impact, please see the definition by clicking on this link:

Unless stated otherwise, please check all boxes that apply .

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The UN's list of Wicked Problems (2018)
S1. In looking at the list of 17 categories of wicked problems, do you see yourself changing the world for the better by engaging in some kind of societal impact initiatives over the course of your life?
S2. Do you know that a friend or relative has taken initiative to scale societal impact to address societal problems?
S3. What are you currently doing to have a broad societal impact?
S4. Which type of rewards would most increase your interest in pursuing societal impact solutions at a next level?
S5. One way to both learn and communicate to future employers your skills and interest in social impact is by pursuing a Minor in the field. At this time, what are the two electives you have taken that taught you most about affecting societal change?
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S6. Your Major(s) and Minor:
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S7. Year standing in college:
S8. Would you like to be kept in the loop on potentially participating in upcoming special Wartburg sponsored interdisciplinary societal impact problem-solving initiatives?
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