The Balanced Runner™ Super Shoe Survey
Help us understand the effects various brands of "super shoes" on running form/technique.

If you have any questions please email
What "super shoes" do you wear? (e.g. Nike Vaporfly series, Adidas Adios Pro, etc.)
How long have you had the shoes?
How much do you wear them?
What other shoes do you wear?
Did you feel like there was a learning curve to run in them?
Do you feel your running form/technique is different when you run in the super shoes than in normal shoes?
If you do feel they change your form, how would you describe those changes?
Do you feel the shoes impact your ability to lean forward or your core action?
Have you noticed any differences in muscle fatigue in the super shoes vs. regular shoes? If so, what?
Have any new injuries appeared or old injuries resolved since you started running in the shoes? Please describe your experience.
What changes in performance have you experienced in the shoes?
If you're open to a followup conversation with me about what you've written here, please include your name and email address.
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