Melnik Productions DJ Service Wedding Ceremony Planner
Please use this form to specify ceremony details.
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We will share the finalized planning form with your officiant.
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Ceremony Prelude Music Requests
The music your guests will hear as they arrive and find their seats. DJ will play classical and romantic themed music. If desired, please specify any additional requests or genres below.
Processional Start Time *
Please specify the exact moment the procession is to begin. DJ will begin playing processional song.
Processional Song *
Bride's Grand Entrance Song *
Please choose the desired song for the bride to walk down the isle, after the bride arrives up front, we will fade the music out and the officiant will take over.
Ceremony Special Formalities
Please describe any desired formalities to take place during the ceremony. This includes the sand ceremonies, unity candle, and any special tributes. If there are any songs to be played for a special event, please specify it below.
Recessional Song *
Recessional song is played after being pronounced husband and wife and introduced to guests. As the bride and groom exit, the DJ begins playing the recessional song. The song will play through as the wedding party recesses and escorts guests out of the ceremony.
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