Big Dub Festival 2019 Art Grant Application
Big Dub Festival is pleased to announce the availability of art grants intended to help defray the costs of materials and transportation related to creating and presenting works of art, interaction, and theme camps at our 2019 event.

Grants are intended as supplementary funding to help you build your project. Big Dub Festival reserves the right to award less than the requested amount and/or pay in installments, based on completion milestones.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following (in no particular order):

• Quality: creativity, interactivity, thoughtfulness, originality, excitement, inspiration, social value
• Execution: planning, feasibility, safety plan, clean-up plan, budget, time-line, past work

Grant recipients will sign a contract stating their intent to:

• Create the proposed art piece within proposed time frame.
• Present the art as promised in the distribution plan.
• Present copies of detailed receipts greater than or equal to grant amount within 30 days of final grant award reimbursement.
• Return funds if project is not completed.

Applications for Art Grants are through the application form. Your application must be 100% complete - answer all required questions and follow all directions or it will NOT be considered.

The more details you can give us, the better we will be able to consider the application. A detailed budget is required. In addition to the form please send drawings/photos or diagrams to support your application to the email address

Please assume that any materials submitted will not be returned, regardless of application acceptance. We will carefully review your application and notify you in a timely manner. Don’t be discouraged if you are not awarded a grant. We have limited funds and are forced to make tough decisions about where to apply them. Thank you for applying!

This form is for artists and/or camps bringing 2D and 3D installations to Big Dub Festival 2019 who would like to apply for an Art Grant. There will be a maximum of 2 comp tickets per art grant, so please take this into consideration when calculating your budget. Please have all your information ready when you begin this form. Once it is submitted, you will not be able to edit the application and must resubmit all info when making changes.


- Projects funded by Big Dub Festival are to remain exclusive to the festival. By accepting our grant you agree to not utilize the project elsewhere whether for free or for charge

- Projects fully funded by Big Dub Festival become property of the festival & will be retained at Four Quarters Farm or stored by Big Dub Festival at the conclusion of the event. These projects will be used again in the future.

Title of Artwork *
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Full Name (Primary Contact for Project) *
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Primary Contact Phone Number *
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Primary Contact Email Address *
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What are you trying to communicate with your project? *
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Please give us a brief description of the art piece you are creating. *
Attach the main drawing for your art piece, as well as any additional files if needed.
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Footprint of Artwork *
Please provide us with the dimensions of your art piece.
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4. Execution
Provide a work plan that addresses the following elements:
A. Build Schedule *
What is the timeline of your building plan?
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B. Installation Plan: *
How are you going to install your piece on the grounds?
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C. Safety Plan: *
What precaution are you going to take to make sure patrons don't sustain injury in or around your piece?
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D. Exit Plan: *
How do you plan to transport your piece off the grounds?
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E. Leave No Trace Plan: *
How do you plan to clean up your workspace?
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Art Grants are intended to provide small grants to help defray participants' cost of creating art for Big Dub Festival.
Please provide the expenses related to your project. Big Dub cannot supply funds for labor, tools or personal transportation.
Funding is available for MATERIALS only.
Please provide a cost estimation. *
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Please note that you are NOT PERMITTED to burn your artwork on the grounds.

Pyrotechnic display, explosives, fireworks or projectiles are PROHIBITED as well.

IMPORTANT: There are special requirements if your artwork incorporates FIRE in any of the following 2 ways:

1. Open Fire: flames created by candles or torches

2. Flame Effects: flames that are automated, switched, pressurized or have any action other than simply being lit on fire. This includes projects that use propane. If your artwork incorporates fire in any of these ways, and you check the box below, it is mandatory that you read, utilize and sign off on the fire safety guidelines that will be provided to you. You will also be required to fill out and return a safety form, which will be sent separately.

Does your artwork incorporate:
Does your project have lighting and/or power? *
If you answered YES, describe how you plan on powering it. For example, it is solar, or you will be bringing a generator, etc.
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Are you a part of a theme camp? If so, which one? *
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