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Thank you for helping the next generation of physicians stay motivated on this path. Finding a physician to shadow is one of the hardest things premed students have to do. Running the largest premed Facebook group and getting feedback on our podcasts has given me a unique insight into the biggest struggles premed students face every day. We know that with your help, will be beneficial to serve their needs. Until the site is up and running, we'll be collecting info here to enter into the database once it's live.

Because I know that your day is busy seeing patients, charting, and other administrative and family duties, here are two answers to our most common questions from physicians:

Q: How often will I have students requesting shadowing?
A: This is set by you! If you only want to have one student a week reach out and ask about shadowing, our system will allow you to set that. If you want every other week, you can do that too. It’s up to you!

Q: Won’t students just email me or call me separately?
A: Our goal is to protect you as much as possible from students. Your information will be hidden. Students will be able to see that there is a physician in the area, willing to have students shadow, but won’t see who it is or where, specifically, the office is. Once a student requests, you’ll get an email and you’ll be able to reach back out to the student.

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