2017 - 2018 Teen Advisory Council Application
This form is for first-time TAC applicants. For returning members, please refer to the the 'TAC Renewal Application form.'

For teens looking for a way to advance their service and leadership skills, Boston Cares offers the Teen Advisory Council, a group of 10-20 teens representing young leaders in volunteer service in the Boston area. Members contribute to Boston Cares’ youth programming through the development and implementation of Global Youth Service Day activities and youth-friendly Calendar Program opportunities. Members of the Teen Advisory Council will meet on a monthly basis over the course of six months to plan a service project that addresses a community need and will be implemented by volunteers at Global Youth Service Day in April. Teen Advisory Council is the perfect opportunity for young volunteers to make a manageable, long-term commitment to service, meet with like-minded individuals, and create a project to empower youth through service.


TAC Member Expectations:
- Be between the ages of 13 and 18 at any point during the 2017 - 2018 calendar year
- Live or attend school in the Boston Metro Area or surrounding towns
- Spend an average of 5 hours per month on related projects and attending meetings
- Commit to at least one year of service on the board, beginning in early Sept of 2017 through early May of 2018
- Be responsible for finding necessary transportation to meetings and other events (within metro area)
- Represent Boston Cares in a responsible manner while participating in Teen Advisory Council activities
- Attend at least 8 of the 10 scheduled meetings and notify the Teen Advisory Council Facilitator at least 3 days in
advance if you cannot attend.
- Have their own email account, and communicate in a timely manner via email and phone.

TAC Attendance Policy:
- TAC Members are expected to attend 8/10 of meetings, and are required to attend Global Youth Service Day in April.
Meetings occur on a monthly basis on Sundays from 4pm - 6pm. The schedule we be available shortly.
- If you are unable to make a meeting, you must inform the council facilitator as soon as you are able too.
- Consistently skipping meetings without informing the council facilitator will result in the re-evaluation of your member status on the council and will be taken seriously.


Application Deadline: FRIDAY JUNE 30TH, 2017 AT 5pm

Application Materials: Successful completion of this google form by deadline and submission of parent/guardian permission form within 5 days of deadline. (This document will be emailed to you once this form is submitted out and can be scanned or mailed back)


For more information, please contact:

Allegra Marra
Senior Program Manager, Boston Cares
617.422.0910 x206

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