Leadership Essentials by MAVPAK
WHAT IS IT: A ½ day class that meets once a month for 3 months to help develop leaders

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Managers, supervisors or those with leadership potential

WHERE: CRG/Cunningham Event Center,
2499 Perry Crossing Way Suite 205
Plainfield, IN 46168

DATES OF CLASSES: January 29, February 19, and March 18 , 2020

COST: $500/person


---------------------------------------- INFO TO KNOW ----------------------------------------
- Attendee must attend all 3 classes to receive credit.
- No refunds once class begins
- Attendees will receive calendar invites and monthly class reminder emails.
- Attendee's managers will receive calendar invite reminders and a class summary following each session so they can support the attendee's learning and growth

-------------------------------------- PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION INFO ---------------------------------------
Use the form below to record information including:
- Company Contact - person registering the attendees and who will receive the invoice for the class
- Manager's Name & Email - person who will receive the class summary & manager info from the class

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