Is 2019 finally the "The Year of VDI"?
VDI as a technology is well adopted (even with complex use cases), mature and used on a massive scale. Time to declare 2019 to be "The Year of VDI"!

The idea of this survey is simpel. If you believe 2019 is the year, fill in the information required. On Januari 1, 2019, we are going to launch a website on which we declare 2019 to be "The Year of VDI". We would like to show some statistics to explain how we came to this conclusion. This is where we need your help!

Also, part of the website is a section with testimonials from people from the VDI community in which they will explain why they think "The Year of VDI" is no longer a myth, but it's finally there. If you would like to share your testimonial, please also include a photo of yourself.

Everything will be shared on on Januari 1, 2019.

Thanks for your help!


Johan van Amersfoort

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How many desktops have you deployed on a VDI in total (aggregated over all your deployments)? Please note that a rough estimate is sufficient. *
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What kind of technology have you used to deploy those virtual desktops? *
Have you deployed your VDI on premises, in the cloud or both? *
What kind of method have you used to publish remote desktops? *
In what kind of verticals have you deployed your VDI? *
What kind of applications are you running in your VDI deployments? *
What are the reasons your customers are adopting/deploying/updating their VDI environments? *
What percentage of desktops are non-persistent vs persistent? (selecting 0 means 100% of the desktops are non-persistent, 10 means 100% are persistent) *
In what country have you deployed the majority of those desktops? *
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Have you used GPUs in your VDI? *
Are those GPUs used for mainstream Windows task users? *
How many GPU deployments have you done in the last year? *
What percentage of the desktops are running on Windows 10? *
Which version of Microsoft Office have you deployed? *
How long have you been working with VDI? *
Do you think 2019 should be "The Year of VDI"? *
Would you like to leave a testimonial on our website to show why you think 2019 should be "The Year of VDI"? (+/- 400 characters)
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