Application for Mysore Semester
Thank you for inquiring about the Ashtanga program offered at Yoga Reclaimed. This program is designed for dedicated students, no experience is required. The program is taught in a small group setting consisting of a 3 month time period. There will be two week breaks between semesters.
Please answer a few short questions to submit your application and request to join the semester. If the group is full you will be notified about your status and put on a wait list. Please include your email address so I can email you back.
First and Last Name
Do you have any injuries?
How long have you practiced Ashtanga Yoga? If you are new, what other styles of Yoga and how long?
Who are your previous or current teacher/teachers? Do you plan to continue to practice with other Ashtanga teachers during the Mysore Semester?
If you practice full Primary have you passed all the gate keeper postures?
Ashtanga Mysore will be taught in a very fundamental and tradtional way. Each student will stay at gate keeper postures untill they can pass with help or on their own. Are you willing to start fresh if needed?
How many days a week are you able to commit to of practice? It can be in Shala or Zoom.
Do you have asana goals?
You may be asked to learn names of poses, you won't be required to say them perfectly just a willingness to apply effort to learn them. Are you willing to do this?
Any other information that you would like to share or question that you have please feel free to input here.
Your application will be reviewed and you will receive a follow up email sending you pricing and schedule. Tuition for each semester is non refundable. Payment can be paid month to month through an auto draft or entire semester tuition at once.
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