Early Entrance to Kindergarten Application
Kentucky’s school readiness definition, “Ready to Grow… Ready to Learn…Ready to Succeed,“ means that each child enters school ready to engage in and benefit from early learning experiences that best promote the child’s success.

Five developmental areas (approaches to learning, health and physical well-being, language and communication development, social and emotional development and cognitive and general knowledge), along with a series of readiness indicators, provide an overview of the expectations of primary schools for incoming students. The indicators provide teachers and parents a tool to better inform them about the specific strengths and needs of each individual child.

Minimum Early Entrance/School Readiness Indicators

Health and Physical Well-being
-Eats a balanced diet
-Gets plenty of rest
-Receives regular medical and dental care
-Has had all necessary immunizations
-Can run, jump, climb and does other activities that help develop large muscles and provide exercise
-Uses pencils, crayons, scissors, and paints and does other activities that help develop small muscles

Language, Math and General Knowledge
-Uses 5-6 words sentences
-Sings simple songs
-Recognizes and says simple rhymes
-Can recite alphabet and can write most letters
-Can write name, say address, and is learning to write address
-Knows the difference between print and pictures
-Listens to stories read to them
-Asks questions
-Is learning to count, understand one-to-one correspondence, and recognize numbers
-Can identify and name basic colors and common shapes
-Beginning to sort and classify objects
-Is able to notice similarities and differences
-Understands simple concepts of time (night/day, today, yesterday, tomorrow)

Social and Emotional Development
-Follows simple rules and routines
-Is able to express his or her own needs and wants in an appropriate manner
-Accepts direction or limit setting without temper tantrums
-Is curious and motivated to learn
-Explores and tries new things
-Plays/shares with other children
-Is able to be away from parent/family without being upset
-Is able to work well alone
-Has the ability to attend to tasks/listen for 10-15 minutes in a group setting
-Attends to and completes tasks without constant adult direction or assistance

-Able to perform self-care task such as using the bathroom, wiping nose, and washing hands independently
-Able to dress self including outdoor clothing
-Takes care of personal items and classroom materials

Please complete this application if you believe your child demonstrates academic achievement, social, emotional and physical maturity appropriate for kindergarten placement.  Your submission of this application serves as a petition for your child to be considered for early placement in kindergarten and confirms that your child is at least 4 years old on or before August 1. Proof of residency in the Warren County Public Schools district must be provided.  

The completed application must be submitted to your child’s school by May 1.  Thank you for your interest in Warren County Public Schools.

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What responsibilities does your child have at home? What types of prompting is required for your child to fulfill those responsibilities? *
How does your child respond when he/she tries something that is new and challenging? How does your child respond when not successful? *
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What kinds of experiences has your child had with tools such as crayons, pencils, scissors and markers? *
On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate your child’s ability to do things for herself/himself? *
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What could your child show or tell others about…..          Letters?    Numbers?    Shapes?   Patterns? *
Please expect to be contacted after May 1 for your child's evaluation by qualified school personnel.  Upon completion of all assessments, all data collected will be reviewed.  There are two possible outcomes of individual testing: 1.  The student did not demonstrate the needed readiness skills and is not eligible for early entrance into kindergarten, or  2. The student did demonstrate the needed readiness skills and is eligible for early entrance into kindergarten. Families of students found eligible must complete the regular kindergarten registration process online to enroll the student into a kindergarten program for the following year. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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