Writer's Application
You know that moment when you're sitting in a conference room of the central library, watching a man struggle to pick leaves out of the spokes of his bike wheel, putting off narrowing down ideas for this really cool show idea you have? This is the solution: don't narrow down your ideas. Just get a bunch of people to write a bunch of different stories for you.
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Previous writing experience (Formal or informal-- anything from "I've been a published author since I was five" to "I like to write poems in my journal and I got an A on that last paper I wrote.")
Super briefly, describe your theatre experience. What are your greatest hits?
Big reveal time! We're going to be working together to write a bunch of different Little Red Riding Hood stories, all taking place in different time periods. Each writer will be responsible for a different time period. Which time period(s) grab(s) your attention?
Please upload a sample of your writing. It should be something that really displays your style, something that no one else could have written. It can be any genre and any medium. It should be long enough to clearly display style and voice, but short enough to keep a flighty reader interested.
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