New community member survey
Welcome to Mountain Lakes, please take a few moments to complete this survey so that we can better design programs to meet your family's needs.
Please identify which school(s) your child(ren) attend.
Did you research public schools as a part of your community selection?
If you answered yes to the above question, what resources did you employ in your research of our schools?
How important was the reputation of the schools in your community selection choice?
Least Important
Most Important
Did you have difficulty finding any information you needed regarding the schools or was there an area where you would have liked more information?
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Which of the following do you rely on to learn more about district events?
Did you join any of the following school organizations?
What have you found most impressive about the school district?
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What programs would you like to see in our district?
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In what areas do you believe our district could improve?
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What could the schools do to make families new to the community feel more welcome?
Have you had experience with Canvas?
If you have had experience with Canvas, have you found it to be a helpful tool in monitoring student progress?
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Do you have any other thoughts to share?
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