GPNA Survey 2022
Hello! Thanks for taking the Gerstle Park Neighborhood Survey. Anyone who lives in the Gerstle Park neighborhood can fill this out.  This shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes.  Thank you for your input.
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Are you currently a GPNA member? *
To help qualify your residency in Gerstle Park, please name the street you live on.
Do you have a kid or kids currently living at home with you? *
Do you live in a multi-generational household? *
How did you hear about the GPNA? *
How do get your information from the GPNA? *
If you've attended any GPNA events in the past 3 years, please rate them
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Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice
Fifth Choice
I've never been
Annual Meeting
I don't attend GPNA events
Garage Sale
Winter Social
Spring Fling
Santa and/or Easter Bunny Drive-by
Christmas Caroling
Annual Picnic
Halloween decorating contest
What type of activities would you join if they were available?
Do you own or operate a local business in San Rafael and/or Gerstle Park? If so, tell us about it. *
We're thinking about PorchFest 2022. Assuming larger gatherings are allowed by the CDC and State/County, would you be interested? *
In light of current wildfire concerns, would you be interested in participating in a program where the city "chips" trees, shrubs, bushes, etc., to create defensible space? You would be responsible for cutting the trees and shrubs, but the city would chip and haul it away for free. *
One of your neighbors is spearheading a "Park Beautification" committee, where she'll be organizing community cleaning and beautification days to enhance our park. Can we count on your participation in at least one day per year? *
How often do you visit upper Gerstle Park? (The area above the playground, below the tennis courts.) *
How satisfied are you with upper Gerstle Park? *
Extremely Satisfied
How often did you visit lower Gerstle Park before COVID (the playground area)? *
How satisfied are you with the playground at Gerstle Park? *
Extremely Satisfied
Although all the following things are important to the GPNA mission, where do you believe we should focus? Choose two. *
What would you like to see the GPNA tackle in 2022?  Choose three.
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Not a priority for me
Lock-in on a tree policy
Host more events, COVID permitted
Partner with city to revamp / cleanup the park
Enhance the security of the neighborhood
Disaster preparedness
Advocate for the best traffic route / plan related to SMART
Create defensible space
Fundraise for local projects
Clear selection
What are your top three concerns for Gerstle Park Neighborhood? *
GPNA received donations from Netflix for letting them film in the neighborhood.  Please select your top two ways you like to see those funds used on a "BIG TICKET" (i.e. expensive) item. Please also indicate what you think is not a priority.
1 (first choice)
2 (second choice)
not a priority to me
New picnic tables in the park
Update the playground and/or modernize it
Basketball court re-surfacing
Refurbish Tennis Courts
More lighting in park (for safety)
Water play feature at Gerstle Park
Create an off-leash dog area
Please rank the top three ways you like to see the Netflix funds used for "SMALL TICKET" (i.e. less expensive) items. Please also indicate what you don't think is a priority.
1 (top choice)
2 (middle choice)
3 (third choice)
not a priority to me
Security camera outside GP bathroom
Community garden
Movie night in GP
Trail markers
Adding historical markers / labels to neighborhood landmarks
Update Gerstle Park sign
Paint the playground
Repave paths in upper park
Other suggestions on how to use the donation (for small or large ticket items)?
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