Bund Khaveyrim Survey
The Bund Komitet have sat through hours of discussion about our future planning and direction. 
We want to hear from YOU, our khaveyrim, who make our Bund and SKIF communities so unique. 

Please take your time with the survey as your responses will help us guide our organisation. You will remain anonymous (unless you identify yourself in someway!)
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To which categories do you belong (tick as many as apply)
How many SKIF/Bund events do you attend a year (whether online or in person)?  

This includes Sunday SKIF, April 19th Commemoration, Bono Weiner Lecture, In One Voice, Yom Kiper, lectures, talks or events (eg BadAss Bundistkes, Yiddish Workers Songs etc), Mir Kumen On choir rehearsals etc.
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Please give us your thoughts on the following questions.

You don’t have to answer them all!  Just use these questions as a stimulus to answer as little or much as you want on each topic.

This will help us shape our discussions over the next year. Feel free to use these as a starting point rather than a definitive list.

We use the word Bund here to include SKIF but feel free to distinguish between the two if you wish.


What should the role of Yiddish be at the Bund?

Should it play a greater or smaller role in our activities? How much of our time and effort should we invest in supporting Yiddish activities, events and organisations? What are the roles of other Jewish languages (Hebrew, Ladino etc)


What is and what should be the role of socialism in the Bund today? 

Should the Bund be a socialist organisation, a labour movement, social democratic, progressive or something else? 

Should we be actively involved in political campaigns or just in social justice campaigns? 

Should we align with just one political party, several or none?


Which Jewish communities and issues should we put our emphasis on?

Is Israel different to other Jewish communities, and if so, how?  

How much should the Bund focus on Israeli internal and external events and issues?

What should be the relationship of the Bund to Israel as a nation and Israel as a Jewish community?

Should nationalism play any role in the Bund’s world view?

Should we focus on small, isolated or in-need Jewish communities?

Should we restrict our concerns to our local community?


Is there a need and role for the Bund in the 21st Century? Do you see it serving a place in your and your family’s life?

What does the Bund do well and how can the Bund be better?  

What would make you feel the Bund is an organisation you feel part of and want to belong to?

If the Bund does matter, what would motivate you to be more actively involved?

Does the Bund lack something you would want it to be or do? Does it do things you think it shouldn’t?

We really appreciate you taking time to help guide our organisation!
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