School Year Assistant Application 2018-2019
Thank you for your interest in assisting at The Academy of Performing Arts. Please return this application to APA by July 25th. Each year, APA is looking for dedicated assistants who are able to assist at least 1 night per week and/or Saturdays. Please note that we are not able to place every applicant every year. Additional positions may be added as the season progresses. Applicants must be at least 10 years of age by September 1st. Assistants are used in classes for 1st grade and younger, some 2nd-5th grade classes and technique classes with approval from the Dance Director.

Assistants are placed by a combination of the following:
1) Number of classes that need extra help due to higher enrollment.
2) Your availability during classes that require assistance, and location that needs assistance. Please keep in mind most of our younger classes are earlier in the evening. Those applicants with availability for BOTH locations will receive the most hours/priority scheduling.
3) Type of classes you are best suited to assist.
4) Performance in previous years of assisting if applicable.
5) Attendance and Attitude in your current dance classes.
6) NEW THIS YEAR: Assistants willing to assist a minimum of 1 class a week in Franklin will be scheduled first.

Position Description:
Responsibilities Benefits
Demonstrate Steps and Combinations Monthly Tuition Credit
Help dancers tie/change their shoes Experience with Choreography
Give compliments and encouragement to dancers Job Experience
Help Students who are Having Trouble *Paid Intern opportunities for
Work at least 2 classes/week birthday parties, after proper
Work a minimum of 1 APA Community Outreach training
event per year
Attend Assistant Meeting, before the school year starts or watch video that is provided
*eligible assistants age 15+

Please read this article for detailed responsibilities and expectations:

Code of Ethics:
I will demonstrate respect, loyalty, maturity, patience, and kindness to my students, my peers, my parents, my teachers, and other visitors to The Academy of Performing Arts both when I am assisting classes and when taking classes.
I will treat children of all races, religions, cultures, & backgrounds with respect.
I will share my love of dance with my students in an encouraging and positive way.
I will follow the dress code set forth by The Academy of Performing Arts. This includes having my hair in a bun and wearing my class assistant leotard, and appropriate tights and shoes. No pants or shorts are allowed, unless you are assisting Hip Hop. Ballet wraps are allowed, from an approved list.
I will make every effort to attend every class I agree to assist. This includes arriving in a timely manner and calling ahead when I am sick or unavailable. I will notify The Academy of Performing Arts if I am unable to continue my commitment so that another dancer may have this opportunity.
NEW THIS YEAR: Subbing and Credits:
If I am unable to assist a class, I understand it is my responsibility to find a sub.
If I am able to find a sub, I understand that the assistant credit for that class will be credited to my sub.
If I am unable to find a sub, I understand I will not receive a credit.
If I am unable to find a sub more than 2 times in one month, I understand that the class maybe given to another assistant.
As a parent or guardian I understand that I will receive credit for all the classes that my child has assisted that month at the end of each month, before the next billing cycle.
Summer assistant credits will be given at the end of the summer session to be used for fall tuition.

Please remember we are unable to finalize assistant schedules, until team placements, and your individual class schedule is done. As well as, the majority of the classes have been registered for.
We do not have assistants in classes with less than 6 students.
Most assistants will receive their summer placements by June 27th.
Thank you for your application!

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