Pacifica Bylaws Survey
The Pacifica Bylaws control how our local and national boards operate, how board members are selected, and more. Many Pacifica members have said they want changes to our Bylaws, and have suggested some general areas that might be changed. Help us learn more about what specifics you think are important.

For reference, our Bylaws are here:

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Please check all statements with which you agree, and add your comments/suggestions in the "Other" blanks below.
2. Pacifica Bylaws Controversies
3. About the size of our boards -- Each Local Station Board (LSB) currently has 24 voting members. The Pacifica National Board (PNB) has 22 voting members, of which two represent our 300+ (and growing) affiliate stations, and 20 represent the Pacifica-owned stations:
4. About the effectiveness of our boards -- The Bylaws say LSB members should help with station fund raising and getting new listeners, but many of them do not do that, and the boards have not been able or willing to enforce those requirements. What should we do about that?
5. About Pacifica Elections: The Bylaws call for station members to elect Delegates for each station, who in turn make up the Local Station Boards and who select the National Board members. The elections are held two out of every three years, have cost between $100,000 and $250,000 each time, and in many elections we have trouble reaching quorum (10% of the members) without extending the elections, making them cost still more. What should we do?
6. Membership Requirements: To be a Pacifica member eligible to vote in our elections, you must have donated at least $25 or three hours of volunteer time in the last year. These have not changed since the current Bylaws were put in place over 15 years ago, and this was done to make it very easy to be a voting member. One concern is that requiring only $25/year makes it easy for a well-funded individual or group to control our elections by paying for memberships for others. Some say the minimum should be increased to provide more revenue to our stations, while others say we should allow anyone who's interested to be a member and that commitment to their station should not be measured by either monetary or volunteer time donations. Should this requirement be changed? (Note: the average amount each member donates is above $100/year already.)
7. Other comments or suggestions about the Pacifica Bylaws?
8. Besides changing the Bylaws to make Pacifica more functional, what other changes are needed to bring stability to Pacifica's stations?
9. What station are you a member of (have donated in the last twelve months)?
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