Audible Autism Guest Questionnaire
Thanks very much for getting in touch with us. Please fill out this questionnaire so we decide whether you would fit into our schedule and where would be best to put you, and we'll get back to you shortly.
Email address *
Gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, and employment *
This is to make sure that we have a diverse mix of guests on the show.
How old are you now, and at what age were you diagnosed? If not diagnosed, what led you to believe you were autistic? *
What does autism mean to you? What is it? *
(Please note that the approach of our podcast is that of positive identity and while being autistic comes with many difficulties in neurotypical society, we do not believe that being autistic is an illness, disability, or tragedy, or that autistic people with greater social care needs are more authentically autistic.)
What is the best thing about being autistic to you? *
And the worst thing about being autistic to you? *
What do you consider to be the number one challenge that autistic people as a community face right now? *
If you could give a message to NT people, what would it be? *
Do you have a special interest you would like to explain a little about, and if so what interests you about it? *
Do you have anything you would like to promote on the show, and is there a time-limit you need to promote it by?
i.e. blog, film, book, businesses for autistic people.
Where are you located? Do you have access needs we should know about? *
We are currently mostly recording in London on Mon-Tues-Thursday evening and Sundays, but hope to record shows over the internet soon.
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