March Plaidness (the Grunge Bracket) 2021 interest form
Thanks for your interest in Plaidness (and March Xness in general). It's way too early to be doing this, but we figure we'll just start collecting names and emails now for those who want to be in the lottery next year.

As you may know, March Xness is a yearly tournament of writing about songs. The theme rotates each year, and we try to switch decades too. So in 2016, we did March Sadness (sad songs). In 2017, March Fadness (one hit wonders of the 90s). In 2018, March Shredness (hair metal). 2019: March Vladness (goth songs). In 2020, it's March Badness (bad hits of the 70s and 80s), and in 2021 it will be March Plaidness (the grunge bracket). We expect to have more folks interested in writing an essay about one of the tournament songs than spots available (there are only 64 songs in each tournament), so we will do a lottery in June or July 2020 for those 64 spots. This form is to be entered in that lottery.

If you want to write for us, we also publish essays and poems and sometimes even stories on adjacent subjects to our past or present theme. So for instance, for March Badness, we'll be publishing essays on bad songs of the 70s and 80s and what it means to be bad, good, or bad-good. Here's a long list of songs that didn't make the tournament, if you want to pitch us an essay on one of these songs: <>. We'll be publishing them up until the Badness tourney starts in March 2020.

Thanks for your interest in this Extremely Serious Project. We'll be in touch. You can find us on twitter at @marchxness and on email at

The Official March Xness Selection Committee

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