Wheel of LEVERAGE ADHD™ Assessment
The Wheel of LEVERAGE ADHD™ is a self-assessment tool that you can use to determine how well you are currently Leveraging ADHD to your ADDvantage and to see whether you need further guidance or support in one or more realms of your life.

There are 8 stages in the Wheel of LEVERAGE ADHD™ designed to facilitate your ADHD management plan. They are:
 Learn, Evaluate, Validate, Express, Reframe, Act, Grow, Explore.
For each of the 8 stages, rate yourself using a scale of 1-10. Give yourself a 1 if you feel you are not managing that area at all. Give yourself a 10 if you feel you are managing it very well.

(If you are a parent, you can use the wheel to rate your child and/or yourself as a parent.)

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