Student Worker Needs Survey
Our union represents over 1,800 graduate student workers, all of whom have different experiences and needs. We want to know from every worker, regardless if they are a member or not, about their needs and issues so that our union can focus our efforts to meet these priorities moving forward. This survey will be anonymous unless you wish to provide your personal information.
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Individual responses will remain confidential. We ask for your name so that we can follow-up with you on certain comments we may have questions about.
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What is your department?
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Are you a PhD student or Masters?
What year are you in your program?
Which building on campus do you work in?
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Indicate which of the following ranks as a high or low priority issue for you.
High Priority
Medium Priority
Low Priority
Not a priority
Student Debt
Housing Affordability
Child Care Costs
Bullying from PIs, advisors, or management
Access to gender-neutral restrooms
If you marked housing affordability as an issue, are you willing to answer some questions about your housing situation?
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