Equest Volunteer Lessons

Eligibility: To take advantage of this opportunity, volunteers must be one of the following: a current Equest volunteer, an Equest Board member, or an Equest Committee member

Registration: Classes are filled on a first-come, first served basis and those volunteers who rode in the previous semester will be given priority to continue in their classes. Do NOT wait for the deadline -- Most classes fill QUICKLY!!

Cost: The cost is $550 for the 11-week Fall 2017 Semester. Payment for each Semester is due in full by the first class of that Semester unless otherwise approved by the finance office. We are unable to issue refunds for missed classes due to schedule conflicts.

Fall 2017 Semester begins Friday, September 8.
All lessons are taught in the English balanced-seat style of riding.

Levels: Please read the level descriptions below then choose the class that best suits your experience.

*Greener than Grass - For individuals who are new to the pleasure of horseback riding OR who have never had formal lessons. This class will focus on basic horsemanship skills. Lesson work will include the walk, trot and possibly canter as your skills and confidence develop. Riders will learn to correctly hold their reins, balance, leg position, rein management, diagonals, and discuss leads and the importance of having a consistent balanced rhythm at all gaits.

*Rusty but Ready - For individuals who are comfortable and proficient at controlling a horse at the walk, trot, and canter or the walk, jog and lope. This class is ideal for those individuals who are returning to the saddle after some years away or who are moving up from several Semesters of Greener than Grass. Emphasis will be on equitation and fine-tuning control at the different gaits. Riders will learn to understand the importance of lateral work and the importance of how to correctly frame up and supple the horse.

*Tally Ho Ho - For individuals who are proficient at the walk, trot and canter, and who can ride in a 2-point position and on correct diagonals and leads. This class will emphasize lateral work, such as leg yields, turns on the haunches and forehand; side passes, simple and flying lead changes, riding the horse correctly with a secure seat, correct alignment, and balanced weight distribution, strong and effective aids. The Tally class is an advanced class that is versatile and able to ride multiple disciplines including dressage, jumping, and western pleasure.

*** We will adhere to the following height/weight guidelines for ALL of our riders:
under 5’0” tall, 150 lbs maximum; 5’1” –5’6”, 175 lbs maximum; 5’7” – 6’0”, 200lbs maximum; 6’1” – 6’5” 250lbs maximum

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Volunteer Lessons
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Greener Tuesday 8pm
Greener Thursday 8pm
Rusty Wednesday 8pm
Rusty Saturday 2:30pm
Tally Friday 2:30pm
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