Hoadley Hide 2017: On the Run - Rover & Supporter Registration - PART TIME

Open to all Rover Scouts, Adult Leaders & Members of Scouts Victoria.

Rovers and Leaders – we need your help build the new Hoadley Hide into an event the Venturers will love.

There are a few notable changes for Rovers and Leaders from past Hoadley Hides.

The stunts and activities of Hoadley Hide 2017 will still be based around a central theme – “On The Run” a Prisoner-of-War camp breakout – but synopses of each stunt will developed by the organising team to directly tie into the event narrative, and given to each stunt team of Rovers and/or Leaders, for them to flesh out and run (in costume!).

We are operating 15 stunts across the weekend along with the Overnight Camp for the Venturers. We are also providing catering for the weekend for all Hide Staff, as a result there is a fee which covers the catering of $45 (reduced from $65 as of 20th February 2017), which is fully put into the catering.

We need your help to deliver the event, running the stunts and other supporting activities for the event.
Key Changes from Previous Hoadley Hide Events

Due to increasing regulatory requirements, we are unable to camp or stay in the forest. This year the Hide is being run out of Barry’s Reef Scout Camp, with a dedicated overnight camp for Rovers & Staff. This is located in an area well away from the Venturer Camp but we will be sharing the toilets & shower facilities (yes, the Hide will have access to showers!).

To increase participation and interaction between members, we no longer require an entire crew to commit to operating stunts. The idea being that if you are unable to create a team to run a stunt, that you can still attend and work with other volunteers to operate a stunt.

In order to deliver an event with an overarching storyline that has some level of continuity we will be assigning the activities on each stunt. We will need your help with resources and equipment to run the stunt such as equipment available from your local Scout Groups or your crew den. Specialist equipment required for any stunts will be arranged by the Hide Leadership Team, but we may need some help with pickups and logistics.

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