Mississippi Muse: Artist Answer Questions About Place
Arts Councils across Mississippi are creating a collaborative project to highlight how the arts and artist are linked to place. We are inviting visual, literary, and performing artists to share how being part of Mississippi may have influenced their work.

These short videos will be used as part of an advocacy and/or social media campaign to highlight both the artists that reside within our state, raise awareness of the diverse talents, and share how Mississippi as a place may be part of why our artists make lasting cultural impressions.

We are inviting artists to submit short videos - iphone or computer quality is fine - answering the following questions in a conversational manner:

1. Use three sentences to introduce yourself
2. Use three sentences to introduce your art
3. Use three sentences to describe Mississippi
4. Why do you choose to reside in Mississippi
5. How does being in Mississippi Influence your creative thinking?
6. Has our art, style, subject matter, or form been changed by being in Mississippi?

These videos will be used in a social media campaign supported by Arts Councils in Mississippi for more information call 662-236-6429 or email: mspresentersnetwork@gmail.com
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