2018 KuroNekoCon Fan Panel Submissions

    Hello Potential Panelists!

    Hello, I am Jaimie Smith, the Programming Director of KNC 2018! I, along with the staff of KuroNekoCon, am excited that you are interested in hosting a fan panel at our 2018 convention! Our form and policies have changed a bit this year so make sure to read them thoroughly. There are three parts to the application, so please make sure to take your time and complete them all: - Part 1: Policies & Guidelines - Part 2: Contact Information - Part 3: Panel Information Upon submitting your application you should receive a confirmation email. After your panel has been reviewed you will then be contacted again in regards to acceptance. Fan Panel Submissions for KNC 2018 will close June 2nd 11:59 PM. Questions or Concerns? Contact KNC's Programming Director at programming@kuronekocon.com