Aging in Alameda County
A Look Inside

Use questions from our Story Guide to conduct an interview or document your story.  You don’t have to use all the questions. Pick the ones that you like and that best tell the story.

We’ve found that interviews are a fun way to capture a story, with one person asking questions and recording the answers (either with a phone or other device, or by taking notes).  Some people prefer to write their story on their own, and that’s okay too.
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This should be the person whose story is being captured. Use the name that corresponds with the information on the Permission Form.
Current living situation?
If the living in a home or apartment, with whom do you live?
If this is an interview, tell us a little about the interviewer.
For example, name, relationship to the subject of the story, etc. If you'd like us to be able to contact the interviewer, fill in the interviewer's contact info at the end of this survey.
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