Associate VA Application
Thank you for your interest in supporting Virtually Priceless as an Associate VA.

We are always looking for exceptional VAs who can provide a high level of support in the areas of traditional EA services and operations support. All Associates need to be forward-thinking, proactive and have a desire to hit the ground running, all whilst being adaptable to the client's needs. They also need to be vibrant, fun and really want to be part of a growing team.

Our Associates generally work directly with our clients so as part of this application there are a few questions to gain some insight into the types of clients you would potentially work well with.

Please note the data collected in this form is purely being used to review your skills and experience, and for contacting individuals to discuss their application in more detail. We will not store your information in any other way and will not pass your details onto third parties.
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We ask all Associates for a minimum of six months' commitment for client-facing roles (and ideally support will be much longer-term). Would you be happy with this? *
Please give a brief background of your career prior to working as a Virtual Assistant, including positions held and which industries they were in. *
Please tell us about your experience as a Virtual Assistant and plans for your business in the future. *
For example, are you looking to grow your own client base and transition out of Associate work? Or are you hoping to find a long-term Associate position which saves you time and hassle with marketing, client admin etc? (Note: either answer is fine, it just helps us match you with the right client if we have a better idea of your plans)
Skills & software experience *
Please indicate your level of expertise with the following:
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Diary management
Travel planning
Event management
Credit control
Customer relationship management
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Data entry
Office 365
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Please let us know any other specialist skills you have or software you consider yourself an expert in.
What platform do you work on? *
Do you speak any other languages?
If so, please list them and state level of fluency for written and verbal communications
How is your business registered? *
If you are a Limited company, please provide your company name and registration number. *
What is your hourly Associate rate? *
Insurance *
Please confirm which of the following you have in place (or are prepared to arrange). We will require copies of your insurance certificates as part of our Associate onboarding process.
Happy to arrange
Public liability insurance
Professional indemnity insurance
Cyber insurance
Are you registered with the ICO for Data Protection? *
Are you confident that your business is GDPR-compliant and that you understand the legislation comprehensively enough to act as a competent data processor for clients? *
Are you registered with HMRC for Anti-Money Laundering regulations? *
Briefly summarise who your ideal client is / the types of people you enjoy working with *
What 3 tasks do you most enjoy doing as a VA? *
The types of clients we work with are looking for their VA to take control and manage them rather than the other way around. Please give an example of one (or more) ways in which you are proactive with clients and help them to better manage their business. *
How would you handle the situation with an upset client when something goes wrong? *
What would you do if a client asked you to help them on a system you've never used or potentially even heard of? *
Finally, tell us what would make you a great member of the VP team. *
(There are no right or wrong answers here, we just want to get a sense of who you are and what makes you tick!)
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