Application for Teaching Position
Thank you for your interest in working at Parma Preschool.  We are an equal opportunity employer looking for passionate educators who are interested in working with preschool aged children in a Reggio-Inspired environment.  Please answer the following questions so we can learn a little bit more about you.  We will follow up with you within 72 hours to let you know your next steps.  

It's important to know that there are NO CORRECT ANSWERS.  Your responses will simply give us some insight into what type of teacher you are (or will be).

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Rate your expereince with the Reggio Emilia Approach. *
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I have never heard of this!
I am very familiar with the approach and feel confident that I can teach in this environment.
How do you feel children learn best? *
Rate the following in order of importance to you. *
Following your lesson plan
Making sure the children in your class are happy
Following the schedule (being on time for each activity)
Maintaining a postive relationship with coworkers
Creating meaninful relationships with the families of children in your class
Completing child assessments
Keeping your classroom clean and organized
Least Important
Somewhat Important
Most Important
It's a rainy day and you planned to spend most of the school day outside with your class.  What do you do? *
What qualities do you think are most important for a teacher to have?
Your lesson plans say you are going to begin studying bugs.  During free play you notice the majority of the children in the block area trying to build a house.  Based on this observation would you change your lesson plan to follow their interests or continue with the bug topic and why.
A child is yelling and throwing toys in the classroom.  What is your response?  How would you handle this behavior?
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