B17 Bombers Application
If you want to be a member of B17 Bombers, you MUST fill out the questionnaire or you will NOT be admitted into the clan! This will give us information to see if you are suitable to join our forces to regain the light.
Thank you,

About Us
B17's creation was founded on the principles of mature, talented, non toxic gamers. We have an average age roughly in the mid thirties with players from 18-50. No matter the age group we all respect one another.

The moderators of this clan are: Orbitualousness, DuChemist, Jaburd311, BeerdoBaggins, kiethRmcbride
Is this clan for you?
This clan was founded on the principles of high quality gaming, performance, and a willingness to sit for hours (within reason) to help one another through content (I will reference DuChemist and his stupid Gjallahorn). We are constantly looking for great gamers with the right attitude to expand our clan. We are patient, mature, and non toxic. Should we see any toxicity from a clan member the mods will reach out to the member but we will remove the individual if necessary as we have in the past. So if this sounds like the place for you please fill out the following application.
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