My goal with this project is to tell individual stories within the community. Everyone has a different perspective and experience and I would like to showcase the many faces and personalities here in Bristol.

This is where you come in. I have created this form to try and get to know you a little bit before we arrange to meet up. Rather than me just choosing a place to meet up outside and take photos, I want to know if there is somewhere that means something to you in Bristol, then have the photos taken there - no worries if you can't think of something profound, there is no pressure on this. The main point is to have the portraits taken, there will be close up face only portraits as well as full body.

This project will be shaped by each and every person involved, I want to try to capture your lovely diverse selves.
About Me

My name is Karen (she/her), I identify as a Lesbian and have lived in Bristol since September 2016. I was born in Essex and lived there until around 2002, when I went to uni in Southampton. This was also around the time that I started to actually 'experiment' as we used to say. This was very much a time when people were using the term 'bi-curious'. Essex didn't have much of a scene and I was always a bit afraid to come out, all my friends were straight and it was great when I went to uni because I could just be gay, without people thinking of me as a straight person.

After graduating, I moved back to Essex briefly before moving to London, which is where I stayed for about 10 years before finally moving to Bristol. I moved here with my girlfriend who I have since married.

I have been into photography for around a decade but have only recently been doing portraits.

I started a project with my friend at the start of this year to document their transition. They started taking T and are waiting for their top surgery. This inspired me to start reaching out to the wider community and start a more inclusive project that could showcase more people.

If you want to look me up you can find me on Instagram:
Where will the final photos be seen?

Initially they will be on my Instagram and website. I would like to make a photobook to showcase the project too and maybe even hold an exhibition. But in the short term I will share them on social media.

I will of course send each person involved digital versions of the selected portraits for them to keep.

Check out the site so far:
Additional Support

These photoshoots are free - as are the digital copies of the photos. However, if you can assist me in raising the funds that I need to keep this going throughout 2021 then please visit my ko-fi page here: you can support me with as little as £3.
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