My goal with this project is to tell individual stories within the community. Everyone has a different perspective and experience and I would like to showcase the many faces and personalities here in Bristol.

This is where you come in. I have created this form to try and get to know you a little bit before we arrange to meet up. Rather than me just choosing a place to meet up outside and take photos, I want to know if there is somewhere that means something to you in Bristol, then have the photos taken there - no worries if you can't think of something profound, there is no pressure on this. The main point is to have the portraits taken, there will be close up face only portraits as well as full body.

This project will be shaped by each and every person involved, I want to try to capture your lovely diverse selves.
About Me
My name is Karen (she/her), I identify as a Lesbian and have lived in Bristol since September 2016.

I started this project in early 2020, as the first lockdown started to lift. No one really had any plans and I couldn't photograph Roller Derby as I had planned, due to cancellations in response to Covid.

Being part of the LGBTQ+ community through this project has been really awesome, I get to meet lots of new people and explore parts of Bristol I'd never have otherwise known about. The positivity in response to this project has been inspiring, so thank you everyone for being supportive and taking part.

If you want to look me up you can find me on Instagram:
Where will the final photos be seen?
All approved photos will be shared on LGBTQ+ Faces of Bristol social media, as well as the website which has been set up to host them. At some time in the future I will be holding an exhibition as well as creating a book of some of the portraits.

As part of the approval process you will receive digital copies of all the photographs.

Check out the site so far:
Additional Support

These photoshoots are free - as are the digital copies of the photos. However, if you can assist me in raising the funds that I need to keep this going throughout 2021 then please visit my ko-fi page here: you can support me with as little as £3.
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