Prueba: Lecciones 21-22
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A. Estar: Choose the correct form of estar. Each form might be used more than once or not at all: Accent marks count!
There are 10 questions in this section. Then continue to Section B.
1 point
él *
1 point
nosotros *
1 point
ellas *
1 point
ustedes *
1 point
yo *
1 point
ella *
1 point
nosotras *
1 point
ellos *
1 point
usted *
1 point
B. Vocabulario: Choose the letter of the matching word. You may need to scroll to the right to see all choices. *
10 points
the kitchen
the bathroom
the living room
the garden/ yard
the dining room
the bedroom
el jardín
el comedor
la cocina
el dormitorio
la sala de estar
el baño
Check over all your answers. Make sure each question has an answer, and double-check accent marks. Once you have done that, click Submit below. Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter break!
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