Anita Ashok Datar Design Lab for Women’s Global Health Registration
A new opportunity for Rutgers undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni:

- Learn and practice design thinking skills
- Develop your entrepreneurial and leadership capabilities
- Work alongside professionals in the field
- Apply creative problem-solving to address real-world challenges


A human-centered approach to innovation and problem solving, design thinking requires understanding and empathizing with users before coming up with solutions. Organizations across all arenas are drawing on design thinking to spark fresh ideas and unlock creativity for better outcomes.


Monday, April 6, 2020 I 6:00 PM
Dinner and Design Lab
Institute for Women’s Leadership, Ruth Dill Johnson Crockett Building
162 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick

Application deadline March 1, 2020
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Did you attend the Anita Ashok Datar Lecture on Women’s Global Health with Filmmaker Rayka Zeytabchi on November 18, 2019? *
If you answered yes, please share one thing you learned about addressing women's health challenges.
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