Client Start Questionnaire
This is where I get to learn all about you, your goals and dreams, fears and disappointments.
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What do you want to get out of coaching? Don’t be afraid to say the big goal or goals you are secretly hoping will happen. *
What are you loving about your life right now? *
What’s not so great? *
What are your strong points? *
What would you like to expand on or learn more of? *
What talents do you have that you’re not using right now?
What is your view of self-care? How do you take care of yourself?
How does your inner critic sabotage you? What strategies do you have in place?
Are you being rewarded for doing something that you love? The reward could be in the form of an income, a relationship, a high level of fulfillment, or anything else that you personally regard as a valuable reward.
What’s missing from your life that you can’t let go of? The thing that you want to have happen or keeps tugging at your heart, wanting you to acknowledge it and give it time and love. Write it down as we can weave this into our work together.
Is there anything you really want to tell me? A question or area that you hope I won’t ask you about but secretly, you want me to?
10. How do you want to feel at the end of your coaching series? Dig in deep. Feel.
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