Attn: Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families
River City Charlie and Military Families for Justice wants to give you the opportunity to anonymously tell the public the thoughts you keep to yourself but want to scream out loud. If you have a secret, confession or story you'd like to privately reveal you can Tell Charlie. It can be about anything at all: anger, fear, regret, betrayal. It can be serious, silly, or embarrassing. It can be one simple sentence or up to 500 words.You can vent with total confidence and give your fellow citizens a rare and raw glimpse into how military culture has shaped you or your view of the world.

Things to consider:

Be brief, but don't hold back.
Tell the truth.
Don't include any names at all (unless you are leaving a story tip.)
If you'd rather leave an anonymous voicemail call: 678-701-8058. The audio of your voice can be altered at your request.
Your contribution will be used on River City Charlie's Website/Podcast/Projects
What Do You Want To Tell Charlie?
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