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I. Rate the following HOA issues with respect to how serious you feel the problems are:
(check all of those that apply)
Very Serious Problem
Moderately Serious Problem
Not a Problem
Voting and election procedures
Apathy, lack of involvement
Manager licensing
Financial mismanagement
Theft and embezzlement
Discrimination against owners
Maintenance of major infrastructure
Maintenance of landscape and/or poor aesthetic appeal
Lack of transparency, poor communication
Lack of due process for resolving disputes
Power of Board to fine
Power of Board to foreclose
Construction defects
Environmental hazards
Forced termination, forced sales of unit at a loss
High assessments and/or special assessments
Underfunded reserves
Crime, vandalism, poor security
Parking issues
Pet issues
Noise, lack of privacy
Rental restrictions (too strict)
Rental restrictions (too lenient)
Difficult owners or tenants
Unreasonable limitations on residents' rights in HOAs
Restrictions and Rules not consistently enforced
Not enough non-HOA options for buyers
Clear selection
I(a). Other HOA problems not mentioned on this list:
II. If you could tackle THREE of these issues in the next year or two, which would you tackle first?
III. Which of the following statements best describe your philosophy about HOAs?
IV. I currently own:
V. During your lifetime, have you ever.....?
Owned one or more non-HOA homes
Owned one or more homes, single family or multi-family, governed by an HOA
Been involved in a SIGNIFICANT dispute with an HOA (one that was difficult to resolve)
Been involved in a MINOR dispute with an HOA (one that was relatively easily resolved)
Had an UNRESOLVED dispute with an HOA
Had your home foreclosed by a bank
Had your home foreclosed by an HOA
Taken legal action against your HOA (you were the Plaintiff)
Had your HOA take legal action against you (you were the Defendant)
Been in Arbitration with your HOA
Sold or moved out of an HOA home to escape an unpleasant situation
Been a tenant in an HOA/Condo
Suffered illness or injury directly related to living conditions in your HOA
Filed a complaint against your HOA with a state agency
Filed a complaint against your HOA with a federal agency
Been forced out of your home by termination of the Association
Clear selection
VI. What is your political affiliation (optional):
VII. Tell us about your past involvement in HOA reform efforts:
I have made efforts
Not applicable
Writing letter to a STATE level elected official
Discussing concerns directly with a STATE level elected official
Writing letters to a FEDERAL level elected official
Dicussing concerns directly with a FEDERAL level elected official
Discussing issues with STATE regulatory agencies
Discussing issues with FEDERAL regulatory agencies
Helping to draft STATE policy and legislation
Helping to draft FEDERAL policy and legislation
Providing education to others in the form of books, written articles or blogs, radio talk shows, videos, etc.
Organizing events or speaking about HOA issues
Discussing HOA and housing issues with related non-profit advocacy organizations
Clear selection
VIII. Do you have 5 or more years of background experience in any of the following?
VIII(a). Other skills and background that might be helpful:
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Cell Phone:
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