Life Will Chain Team Apps.
What games do you own? *
What in specific would you be applying for (check all that apply) *
Do you have basic knowledge of modding Puyo series games? (Puyo Puyo Tetris & Champions/eSports) *
What mods can you do? (check all that apply) *
If you have any Puyo mods, please link as such *
Do you have good knowledge regarding the Persona series (& the rest of the MegaTen series) if so, what games are you knowledgeable of (in terms of their games & their content, check all that apply) *
((Artist)) are you familiar with the Aesthetic of the Persona Games and are able to replicate them? Check all games that apply
((Artist)) can you please link any examples of art and Photoshop you have done?
((Console porting)) Please link any console mods you have done (preferably Nintendo Switch)
((Music & SFX)) Please link any music & SFX mods you've done for Puyo Puyo Tetris and/or Champions
Discord Tag (Required) and other forms of contact (Twitter, etc) (Please list your tag in the format of username#0000) *
Preferred Pronouns? (List all that apply) *
How many days a week can you be active (No pressure! Just list when you can do modwork, i.e. specific days & time)
Do you think you would be able to manage Moderating both server and projects you apply for?) *
((Moderation)) do you have previous experience? List if so
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