UAS-MAT State Archives Research

We will be teaming up with the State Archives. They have offered to pre-screen research material for us to use. To narrow down the content, please select the 3 topics that most interest you. We will use this information to form some research groups and get assistance from archivists in finding suitable material.
    Impact of boarding schools on Alaska Native students and their families/villages
    How have Alaska Natives blended traditional and new technologies?
    How have Alaska Native cultures changed to adjust to today's world and to contemporary society?
    How are Alaskans responding to climate change?
    What lessons on sustainability can we all learn from Alaska Native culture and lifestyle?
    How is music (or art, technology, etc) a reflection of Alaska Native values?
    What is daily life for subsistence hunters, fishers and gatherers?
    Indigenous methods for using wild plants for food, medicine and construction material?
    Uncovering the science, engineering or math in Alaska Native technologies for transport, housing, etc
    History of salmon canneries in Alaska
    Subsistence Hunting and Fishing practices
    Alaskan Railroad
    Razing of Douglas Indian Village
    The Alaska Gold Rush
    Aleut Relocation Camps in WWII
    The Alaska Land Claims Act
    Exxon Valdez incident
    Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964
    Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge ANWR
    Impact of Cold War on Alaska
    Impact of Trans-Alaska Pipeline System
    Impact of Pan-American Highway
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