Academy Leadership 2019-20
If you are interested in leadership roles, please complete this form. Leadership means will you engage in public speaking with your academy peers, middle school students and / or adults.
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Think about your academics and extracurricular activities. Do you have enough time to devote to a leadership role for the academies? (Leadership will include middle school visits, parent nights, monthly/quarterly academy meetings, planning social events, etc) *
What skills do you have that would make you a good leader? *
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What academic event (ie. Field trip) would you like to see take place as it pertains to your academy? (Be specific in your example)
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What social event(s) would you like to try to plan for your academy to build camaraderie among members?
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I would like to improve publicity of our academies in the local area. Besides Twitter, Facebook and our website, what ideas do you have to get the word out about the good things that go on within the academies?
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Do you have any other comments or suggestions for your academy?
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