Getting Home to the Bay Islands
We understand that these are trying times being distanced from your family, friends and home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The elected officials are developing a plan to bring all of you home, but we need to do so in a manner that protects the Bay Islands from the potential spread of COVID-19, as well as yourself.
For this process, we need some details such as how many people need to be repatriated to the Bay Islands, where everyone is located in the world, how many people are in your group, what countries have you recently visited and so on. This information will also help determine what protocols will be required for your re-entry.

Please complete a SEPARATE form for each person, including each child. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. If not, WhatsApp +504-9855-3378 to confirm your form was received.
Email address *
Details of each individual returning to the Bay Islands
First Name *
Last Name *
Number in your group *
if applicable, relationship to others travelling in your party? e.g Mother to John and, spouse of Mary.
Identity card/Residency card # *
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Current phone number *
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WhatsApp number, if different
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Age of child (under 18), if applicable
Any pets traveling with you? If yes, provide details
Current Location (Country) *
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Which Bay Island do you reside on? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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