Louisiana R-II Community Engagement Survey
As part of Policy KC - Public Engagement, we are seeking input from the community on how to better communicate the district's beliefs, mission, and vision. In addition, we are seeking comments on how district residents may place an item on the board agenda in accordance with Policy BDDH. At every meeting you are welcome to attend open sessions. In order for the District to better communicate with our patrons your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated. 
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What is your preferred method of communication with the Board as a whole (quorum)? *
If the Louisiana R-II Board of Education held a series of meetings to set district goals and identify strategies to reach those goals, how likely are you to attend or participate?  *
Not Likely
Most Likely
Board meeting agendas are posted in Central Office and on the district website. Do you regularly review the agendas to keep informed of the topics of discussion and decision? *
Board meeting minutes are posted on the school website and a summary of the meeting is shared with the newspaper. Do you regularly review the meeting minutes and keep informed of decisions?  *
School board member elections are held each year in April with a rotating membership elected for three year terms. Do you regularly participate in the election? *
Are you aware of the proper way to handle concerns in the District? *
District policies are posted on our website. Have you ever used them as a reference to aid in handling your concerns?  *
Would you be interested in serving on the School Improvement Advisory Committee? *
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