TCIA Analysis Results Proposal
Please answer the questions below to allow the TCIA Advisory Group to review your proposal. The group meets monthly to review new proposals. You will be invited to the next upcoming meeting to review your proposal and answer any questions. Email with any questions.
Provide a scientific point of contact. *
Please include name, email, and phone number for the person who we can contact to resolve any questions about this proposal and how the data were collected.
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Who will we work with to obtain the data? *
Please provide a name, email, and phone number for any technical point(s) of contact who will be involved in sending us your data.
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Data Access Policy *
Please review for more information. Allowing data to become immediately public is highly preferential. In cases where restrictions are required they should not exceed 12 month enforcement without a strong justification.
Suggest a descriptive title for your data set. *
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List the authors of this data set. *
Please list all authors in the order you'd like them to appear if the data set is published on TCIA. Please include all author's OrcIDs as well.
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Provide an abstract which describes your data set. *
This will be used to inform TCIA users about your data set. Be sure to include an explanation of which TCIA collections you analyzed as well as inclusion/exclusion criteria and any other information that would be helpful to people trying to use your data.
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Please list any additional acknowledgements or funding statements you'd like us to notify users about if your data is accepted. *
Please list all authors in the order you'd like them to appear if the data set is published on TCIA.
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Please verify that you have records to indicate exactly which TCIA images you have analyzed. *
This should include an inventory of exactly which images you analyzed.  For radiology analyses this can be done by compiling a list of DICOM Series Instance UIDs in a spreadsheet or by using the Share My Cart feature.  For pathology analyses please provide the slide IDs or file names of the images you used in a spreadsheet.
Specify the file format utilized for each type of data specified above. *
DICOM is our preferred file format. In some cases we can provide assistance with converting data from other formats into DICOM. Example answer: "Segmentations are saved in DICOM format", "Image labels are saved in CSV format"
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If there is a publication you would like people to cite when utilizing this data please provide the citation.
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If there are any additional publications about this data set please list them.
As a convenience to TCIA users we list these at
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Are there any time constraints associated with sharing your data set?
For example, do you have a publication that is pending availability of this data in a public archive? Will this data set be used as part of a challenge competition?
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