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Dear LPS Community,

Board members, administrators, and staff are grateful for the many opportunities they had to speak with members in each of the villages of our Lakewood community during the most recent bond proposal effort. While the proposal was unsuccessful, the short- and long-term facility and program needs the proposal addressed persist. To help the District determine how best to move forward, we need your help. Please consider taking a moment to complete our survey; your input is invaluable, as it will provide insights to better understand how to address district needs.


LPS Project Steering Committee  
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In which community do you reside? *
Which best describes your household? *
What method did you use to vote? *
How did you vote on the August 2023 Lakewood Public Schools bond proposal? *
If you DID NOT vote, why didn't you vote on the August 2023 election? *
How did you receive information regarding the August 2023 ballot proposal? (Please check all that apply) *
Of the following projects included in the August 2023 bond program, which would you be supportive of including in a future bond proposal? [Please mark yes or no to each project]:
Constructing safe and secure entrances at LES, LMS, and LHS. *
  Purchase 30 acres west of the middle school  
Construct a new upper elementary on new property *
Replacing the high school track *
Construction of a new bus garage at the middle/high school campus *
Replacement of school buses *
Replacing school boiler and other HVAC equipment coming to the end of usable life *
Renovation and remodeling of parking lots *
Are you supportive of creating a unified campus (all school buildings/facilities at one site) at the current high school and middle school site? *
Please indicate whether or not you feel Lakewood Public Schools is performing well in the following areas:
Academics *
Administrative leadership *
Safety and security *
Building relationships *
Transportation *
Athletics *
Technology *
Career and College Preparation *
Skilled trades *
Communication *
Are you aware our track is past its useful life, and we are unable to host home athletic events? *
Would the idea of shorter bus routes affect your support of a unified campus? *
 Are you supportive of consolidating our District from four buildings to three buildings? The consolidation would include: 
• Sell Lakewood Early Childhood Center and Central Office in Woodland 
• Lakewood Elementary School would house early childhood through second grade 
• Lakewood Middle School would become grades third through sixth 
• Lakewood High School would become seventh through twelfth  
In the event of consolidation, would you be supportive of renovating our current buildings to accommodate new/additional grade levels?:  
 As a community, we have two funding source options to address our short- and long-term needs: 

• A SINKING FUND must have voter approval. Districts can ask taxpayers for up to 3 mills per year over 10 years. If approved, districts receive taxpayer dollars as bills are paid (December-February for LPS) and do not have to take out a loan to fund projects. No loan means not having to pay interest on that loan. This allows the district to complete smaller projects (i.e. replace boilers, purchase buses, repave parking lots, etc.) as funds are available. The other plus to a sinking fund is that as the tax dollars come in and for any time they sit in the account, they earn interest. 

• A BOND must have voter approval, but is a form of borrowing for larger projects. These projects must also be approved by the Michigan Department of Treasury. Taxpayers must pay back the borrowed funds over a period of years with interest. The number of mills needed and the number of years is on the ballot that taxpayers vote on. This is much like a traditional mortgage. 

Which funding source would you be more likely to support?  
Lakewood Public Schools is at a crossroads; our facilities are currently at a point where renovation is essential to provide safer conducive learning environments for Lakewood students. If you voted no, what ideas do you have for the District to meet the short-term and long-term needs that persist?  
Please provide helpful comments you wish to share:
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