Voices of Cancelled Stanford Shows [VoCSS] & TSD Artist Spotlights
Giving the spotlight to students, faculty and greater Stanford community involved with performing arts events cancelled, postponed or recreated virtually / 'socially distanced' due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Voices of Cancelled Stanford Shows [VoCSS] is a designated space for students, faculty and members of the greater Stanford community to show how the performing arts and the coronavirus pandemic have — and continue to — intersect in their lives. VoCSS promotes compassionate arts journalism through connecting Daily writers with artists (classical musicians, artistic directors, theater-makers, independent artists, etc.) at all experience levels - amateur, collegiate and professional. VoCSS will be a recurring weekly column for spring 2020 updated weekly on Mondays.
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Artist Spotlights are traditional show reviews or recorded interviews that 'spotlight' the work of an individual artist (group) Unlike VoCSS, artist spotlights can focus on experiences independent of the pandemic but we would love to hear about innovative virtual performances you care about!
Do you know of an artist (group) you want to see featured in The Daily? Please write 2-3 sentences about the Event / Artist(s) you want A&L to spotlight. We'll reach out to you within 24 business hours to follow up.
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