Retail MBA - Done-For-You Service
Retail MBA: Done-For-You-Service - (Do the Best You Can With These Answers!!)
Company Name and Company Website URL
Your Full Name
Phone number
This Question is for International Companies Only! Are You an International Company With a United States Office? (We do NOT currently accept international companies who do not have a U.S. office). Someone in your organization will need to manage /take over the retail accounts in the U.S. if they are accepted into this program.
Description of Your Product - Please explain what your product is/ does (Give me a Quick Pitch!)
Is Your Packaging Complete For Retail? (Please Send PDF or Image of Packaging to With This Application (Application Will Not Be Complete Without It). Please note that we do NOT accept products without finished packaging into this program.
Is Your Sell Sheet Complete For Retail (Marketing Collateral)? Please Send PDF or Image of Sell Sheet to With This Application- Application Will Not Be Complete Without It. If you do not have a sell sheet, you will need to have a designer ready to create one if you are approved for this program. Sell sheets are imperative.
What Benefits Does Your Product Provide People?
Why Is Your Product Different or More Interesting Than What's in Stores Today?
What's the Cost of Your Product (Wholesale Cost and Suggested Retail Price)?
Do You Have Units in Stock? (It's OK if you don't)
What's the Shipping Time? ie How Long Will It Take it to Ship Your Product to a Chain Store's Distribution Center?
Have you Sold Your Products Anywhere Else- Online Retailers, Catalogs, Amazon,etc?
Can You Share any Successes About Your Product? ie Media Coverage, Repeat Orders From Another Retailer, Amazon Sales or Ratings, Selling Elsewhere, etc? (It's OK if You Don't Have a Good Story Here - Just Share What You Can)
What Are Your Top Dream Retailers You Want to Sell to? Share up to 20 :).
What is Your Desired Outcome For Your Business? ie What is Your One Year Goal For Your Company, 3 Year Goal? 10 Year Goal?
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