Ideation Week Feedback
Thank you very much for participating in the FOECast ideation week. We're very grateful to every participant for contributing their time, thoughts, and energy to this effort. We'd like to gather some feedback about how the week did. Below are some questions about the process, along with others about the topics and possible next steps. We appreciate any thoughts you can share.
Which channels did you find most useful?
Did you make connections with other people during this week?
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What were the high points and most productive aspects for you?
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What didn't work out, or needed improvement?
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Should we run something like this again?
If "Yes" to preceding, and you'd like to help, tell us who you are and what you'd like to do:
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Did you feel included and welcomed?
After the week's work, what kind of organization or structure would you prefer to conduct new future of education and technology research?
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